Friday, June 4, 2010

#fridayflash: Butcher's Apprentice

I have a little story, 'Butcher's Apprentice', appearing this month at Negative Suck, which is doing double duty as my #fridayflash this week! While you're over at Negative Suck, don't forget to check out the other authors, including fellow #fridayflasher Karen Schindler, who once upon a time kindly edited 'Butcher's Apprentice' for me - so it's nice to see we're in the same edition.


  1. Excellent and horrific flash Lily!

  2. Hey thanks for the plug!

  3. That is a wonderfully nasty bit of work...I loved it! Pay-back... :)

  4. Awesome twist and revenge story! Excellent work. :)

  5. Fabulous work Lily, and I'm surprised I didn't see the twist coming. The foreshadowing should've made it obvious. You are good!

  6. Aw, thank you for the shout out. It was a great strong piece to begin with; I just buffed it with my sleeve a bit.

    LOVE the new [or at least new to me] photo in your side bar. You're a dish dearie!



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