Friday, June 11, 2010

#fridayflash: 'Last Man Standing'

Head on over to AntipodeanSF for this week's #fridayflash story, 'Last Man Standing'. Cheers!


  1. I was soooo confused until I realized I'd left you a comment on your web page instead of here. :) That was a thought-provoking story!

  2. What an excellent story! The very idea that one is left abandoned, not only by one world but two, is horrifying.

    Darnell certainly has a lonely vigil.

  3. Where was it that I recently saw an anthology for 'last man' stories ... you should submit this one. Very spooky. I'd like to more about how he spends his time and how old he is now.

  4. I felt so badly for the MC, especially at the thought of not only a lonely death but his whole lonely life.
    Well done.


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