Friday, May 28, 2010

One-year anniversary of #fridayflash

From little things, big things grow, said Paul Kelly and no, he wasn't actually describing #fridayflash - but he could have been! The Friday flash fiction movement, kicked off by Jon Strother has celebrated its first year and Jon's present back to us all was to list all participating authors' debut story. You can read them all here, including my story 'Snowgate'.

No new flash from me this week, real life keeps getting in the way of writing at the moment...


  1. I miss your stories...
    It's amazing how the community has grown from Jon's initial concept!

  2. I miss writing for #fridayflash, but I still enjoye reading. It is such a great concept.

    Lily, I just realized that you were the first person to comment on my first #fridayflash. :) Thanks for that.

  3. I miss your stories as well, and am glad to have met you through #fridayflash :)


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