Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Poem: Shouting to be heard

On a box
Stands a boy
Who’s not a boy
But a man

On a box
Stands a man
Who’s not a man
But a people

On a box
Stands a people
Whose time to
Cry has come

On a box
Stands Haiti
Shouting out
To the world

On a box
Stands everyman
Will we let
Him be heard?


Inspired by a contest prompt at AllPoetry.


  1. Your poem stabs right to the heart of matters, pleading to a sometimes deaf world.

  2. Simplicity is strength and you echo pain so that trustfully, it can be heard, be heard, be heard . . .

    . . . all the more to be acted upon.
    So glad you walked in AT THE BIJOU and I've got to enjoy your spirit and discover your writing the more. ~ Absolutely*Kate


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