Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Not really, but I am rejected. Well, three stories have been, at any rate. By Every Day Fiction. I had high hopes for one of them in particular, but none of the three passed muster.

On the positive side, the editors at EDF give great comments and feedback as to why the story/ies was/were rejected. And I am consoling myself with the fact that they can only accept 365 stories a year from the thousands they are offered. I suppose I am in good company.

Another positive is that I now have three stories in the can for #fridayflash!


  1. It must be the day for rejections Lily. A friend emailed through his rejection letter from VoiceWorks - which is the most amazing rejection letter I have ever read.

    Lots of food for thoughts and reasons for why the story wasn't accepted. So brilliant to see editorial staff taking the time.

    One place I used to submit stories didn't even bother to give you the courtesy of a thanks but no thanks email if you weren't successful in getting publication that month - much less any sort of critical appraisal.

    Looking forward to getting back into the swim of Friday Flash once I've cleared the last of the decks from 2009 (I start my creative year on the Chinese New Year - so a few weeks to go yet)

  2. It's better reason to try again. And again. And again. You're good.

  3. It's often not the story itself, but circumstances that cause a story to be rejected. It still stings though. You are a great writer. keep at it!

  4. I know it's hard, but try not to feel too bad. I remember hearing about an author who one the Pulitzer prize for a novel he wrote. This novel had been rejected around 17 times before someone took a chance on it! Who knows, your 3 rejected stories of today could be the award winning literature of tomorrow! Hang in there, and never give up!


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