Saturday, October 31, 2009

Poem: Herbaceous Heart

A little poem I wrote for a competition at Positive Words was short-listed! I took a few risks with this poem, as you will see. The challenge was to write a poem of ten lines or less and it had to contain the word "vegetable". I give you "Herbaceous Heart".

Herbaceous heart

Peel me like a vegetable, pare back my dirty skin
Reveal the juicy flesh that is hiding deep within.

Strip away my outer leaves, slough off the grains of dirt
Grasp me with your farmer’s hands, but not so tight it hurts.

Sink your teeth into my pulp, caress my pithy core
Taste my juices sweet and sour, always wanting more.

Put me down then pick me up, it’s me you know you’ll choose
Handle me with care my love, you know I always bruise.


  1. I love it! It reads so differently, depending on which layer you concentrate on. I can even see a 'zombie' layer in it. :)

  2. Goodness! You're a poet, too?

    Yes, I can see vegetables and sex and undead.

    Is there no end to your creativity?

    Loved it.


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