Sunday, August 2, 2009

Poem: Little man

I remember you when I'm sleeping.
Watching your little face,
As you drink your fill from me.

I remember you when I’m dreaming.
Holding your hand with mine,
As you gaze into my eyes.

I remember you when I’m bathing.
Smelling your milky skin,
As you smile with chubby cheeks.

I remember you when I'm awake.
Finding you not breathing,
Your lips a purplish bruise.

I remember you when I’m crying.
Holding you close to me,
Before you went away.

I remember you when I’m happy.
Knowing you will always be
My darling little man.


I wrote this poem for another mother, one I've never met. I read her story about losing her six-month old baby through Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and it hasn't left me. I look at my beautiful son and hold him tight, knowing how lucky I am.

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