Friday, March 5, 2010

#fridayflash: Nellie's Web

(Image: Luc Viatour)

by Lily Mulholland

Nellie was becoming a little tired of Wilbur. Take, take, take. He never gave her anything except a growing list of words he wanted her to weave. Well she’d fix him. The country fair was coming up and Wilbur was pegged as the star attraction.

The day of the fair arrived and the Zuckermans transported Wilbur in his five-star trailer. Nellie still had to ride in the truck with the other animals. They were installed in a curtained exhibit and Nellie went to work.

Crowds arrived for the big unveiling.


The crowd gasped. Charlotte’s daughter smiled.


Published earlier this year at Flashshot. Also published at Short Humour.


  1. Funny stuff! But haven't I read this before?

  2. Hi Jared, as I noted below the story, this microstory was published by Flashshot earlier this year.

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Cute! I'm glad it was published somewhere.

  4. LOL I just realised Jared might have meant the story sounded familiar - maybe the book Charlotte's Web didn't have as big an impact on my childhood as it did his!

  5. More Pigs?
    Egos Prim?
    Some Grip?
    I like Gore Imps...

    Great stuff

    marc nash

  6. Very good to read this early a.m. with my coffee. Made me laugh!

  7. Aw, so sweet, nice to see what Wilbur is doing and that Nellie is carrying on for Charlotte.

  8. Ha ha! I'd actually like to read the book again. A teacher in 2nd grade read it to us and for years I treasured the memory.

  9. For a second their I thought she was going to spin something a little ruder. Top stuff.

  10. The side show acts are always more entertaining! I would love to see that smile!
    Almost a haiku here, Lily. And a lovely one at that.

  11. Cute. I bet that took Wilbur down a notch or two.


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