Thursday, December 31, 2009

#fridayflash: The Kiss

Looking around the room, Sandra tried not to let her face betray the despair gripping her heart. The party wasn't exactly kicking, neither were the fellas Jacinta had said would be there. There were guys there, sure, but the kind who wore jumpers knitted by their mums. As she sank another champagne, Sandra resigned herself to another New Year's Eve without a kiss.

She knew she shouldn't have built this night up; New Year's Eve parties often ended up far less exciting than anticipated. She could count on one hand the good times she'd had on the last night of the year, despite what all those Hollywood movies promised.

Grazing the buffet, Sandra's head was turned by a late arrival. The tall blonde man locked eyes with her as Jacinta greeted him at the door. Sandra sucked in her tummy and pulled her shoulders back as Jacinta guided the man over to where she stood.

'Sandie, I'd like you to meet Sven. He's the visiting researcher at work I told you about.'

Sandra blushed as Sven took her hand and kissed it.

'Hi,' she said shyly.

'Hello,' he said with a suitably Swedish accent.

'I'll leave you two to it,' said Jacinta with a knowing smile as she headed to the kitchen.

Sandra and Sven managed to find quite a lot to talk about. Both were research scientists, although in different fields, both held university grants and had worked overseas, and both were single on New Year's Eve.

Burning with the suffused glow of alcohol and welcome male attention, Sandra allowed Sven to walk her out onto the balcony as the minutes marched towards midnight. As the other partygoers counted down seconds to go, Sven pulled Sandra in close, wrapped his arms around her waist and shoulders and planted on her lips a long, slow kiss that stayed with Sandra well into the new year.


  1. A nice ending to a year and a glorious welcome to the possibilities of a new one! Happy New Year, Lily!

  2. A party populated by men who wore jumpers knitted by their mum sounds like a nightmare! But that was such a funny line it made me laugh out loud. I'm glad Sven was there to save the night. This was funny, touching, and filled with the excitement of new romance. Happy New Year! ~ Olivia

  3. The guys sound geeky, which isn't always a bad thing. But at least they really know how to kiss and aren't afraid to use it!

    How sweet and fun!

    Happy New Year!

  4. What a nice story - starting the new year with new, promising company, isn't that what many of us dream about?

  5. Excellent! I felt that kiss! Nice writing! Happy New Year!

  6. This is a lovely slice of life story that ends with sweetness and promise.

    I also laughed at your description of some of the revelers!

    I, too, have a story about a New Year's Eve party, but my character doesn't get her kiss. I think she would have preferred going with Sandra to that party, heh.

    Happy New Year to you!

  7. Lovely story, so full of warmth and promise.

    Happy New Year!!

  8. I used to wear a jumper knitted by my mum. She died shortly after giving it to me. I had it stuffed in the back of a drawer, but I took it out and hardly took it off for a month.

    Yeah, right. She's still alive. Bitterness is a preservative.

  9. Lovely story Lily. A great way to end one year and begin anew.

  10. Wow! A kiss that stays with her well into the new year. No pressure on the rest of us guys....

    Wishing Sandra, you, and all the Friday Flash crowd a happy and healthy new year!

  11. Aww, a heartwarming tale to start the year with!
    I laughed at the "suitably Swedish" accent

    Happy New Year Lily!

  12. Aww, very simple and sweet :)

    And Happy New Year!

  13. I thought it was a lovely story, and I'm enough of a romantic that I had a nice, warm feeling at the end. :)

  14. A New Years' story. With a kiss. How yummy romantic and not in the gag-me sort of way. Awesome work Lily!


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