Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In print

Being a bit dubious about the worth of Twitter, I didn't really bother checking it out until my brother's better half suckered me in. The status update box bounds you to 140 characters - not a lot of wriggle room in which to express yourself. It occurred to me that 140 characters is plenty for Haiku. I reacquainted myself with the 'rules' for Haiku and decided that, given my time constraints, this form of creative expression was one I could probably embrace productively. I broadcast a few and then realised I would not be the only micropoet out there and discovered a whole new world on Twitter. I was studying for a Public Policy exam at the time, and Haiku gave me the perfect opportunity to procrastinte in a slightly constructive way! I wrote a few in between cramming. Then one of the feeds I follow on Twitter prompted me to submit one of my Haiku for possible publication in a new journal being published in the US - The Arts Politic. I was surprised when, a few days later, the editors contacted me wanting to publish the Haiku I had submitted, in addition to another one I had broadcast. Woohoo! In print! Here's the link. Turns out I 'won' the competition - I didn't realise they were only publishing one 'winner'. What a surprise. I guess that makes me a published poet!!!!!!!!!!!

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